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Lets Set The Stage On Fire...

...And Hollywood, Would Be Jealous

Ravishing Anthony
1 May 1988
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Date Created:2004-08-10
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My names Anthony. I'm 18. I love Megan Konop! Most of my friends are in the Marching Band. I love them to death! I am a proud band geek! I play Trumpet and Drums. I am Captain of both my own paintball team and my high school paintball team. I motocross all seasons of the year! Bowling is another passion of mine. I bowl twice a week. Religion plays a big role in my life. I go to youth group on sundays. I listen to a varity of music. I love my christian rock and ska.
Strengths: I'm very friendly. FLirty!!! Loveable?! Believe in my friends.
Weaknesses: I want everyone to like me, and thats a bad trait.
Special Skills: :Dirtbike :Paintball :Drumset :Drums :My Music :Bowling :YOU!
Weapons: My Extreamly Large..no..HUGE...Personality.
Pet Peeves: People who hide their feelings.

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